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Environmental Assets

The Parish is well served by public footpaths and bridleways most of which cross Estate land, but no specifically designated cycle ways.

As the area is a designated conservation area, there are many opportunities to see conserving in action, from the flocks of geese which populate the small reservoir owned by the Estate, to the roe deer, muntjac, kites, pheasants, partridges, swans and owls which are to be found in the extensive woodlands, e.g. Monks Wood & Wennington Wood.

In the last twenty years, hundreds of new trees have been planted both in the arable farmlands and byresidents of private houses so that from the air the parish appears to be nestling in an island of trees. Asmany footpaths cross the Estate land it is an opportunity for people to understand the interrelationship between working farms and the provision of leisure areas. This adds significantly to the character of the Parish and is something most people feel strongly should be preserved at all costs. The village green in Abbots Ripton is a large open space which is presently accessible to all parishioners as are the grounds in which the village hall stands.There is a cricketsquare which is used by members of the village team.

Opposite the Post Office there is a commemorative garden, the Jubilee Garden which was opened to celebrate the Queen’s golden jubilee in 1983. This is also space which can be enjoyed by all.

Of a special interest, are the mature Elms, which create a unique landscape and setting for the village of Abbots Ripton.